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After-School Program

Give your child something to smile about with an enjoyable Berlitz Kids® After-School Program.

An ideal extracurricular activity, our programs are a convenient solution for parent organizations, enrichment program planners or community organizations. Small groups encourage student participation and classes can meet at a Berlitz Learning Center, your school or your local community center.

Berlitz Kids After-School Programs feature:

Language learning based on the conversational Berlitz Method® Specially trained native-fluent instructors Small groups that foster participation Age-appropriate curriculum and materials

  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.
Centre Millenium : +(216) 31 300 474 / 31 300 475 / 31 300 476 - Centre Med V : +(219) 31 300 474 / 31 340 470


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