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Moving together towards your language goals.


Lively instruction in small groups

Learn English, French, Italian, Spanish, German or other desired languages in a pleasant atmosphere and enjoy all the advantages of the Berlitz Method® in the process.

Group courses take place once or twice a week at fixed hours in a Berlitz Center of your choice, or, are offered as intensive “crash” weeks.

Choose your tuition type:


• Two to three participants with similar prior knowledge of the language and similar goals learn a new language

• Intensive instruction and fast learning success

• Schedule fixed in advance

Intensive Group

• Small group of participants with similar language skills

• Motivating and entertaining instruction

• Schedule fixed in advance

Berlitz Class

• A group of participants who would like to achieve their learning goals over a

• long term.

• Each individual participant benefits from the contributions of the other

  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.
Centre Millenium : +(216) 31 300 474 / 31 300 475 / 31 300 476 - Centre Med V : +(219) 31 300 474 / 31 340 470


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