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Efficient language training for employees : 

Instruction according to your rules :

Training groups of employees requires careful coordination and planning, so you will receive top-class consultation from the start.

In a joint, needs analysis you indicate the levels and content your company requires and identify your probable participants.

We will test participants` language skills and help organize harmonious groups.

Groups can come to our Berlitz Center or our language instructors can come directly to your company.

An overview of your advantages:

• Tailor-made program that meets your guidelines regarding course content, time

• Planning etc.

• Reasonably-priced and practical alternative to other forms of tuition

• Learning speed and dynamics of the group are not affected by external participants

• Company’s jargon and technical terms are integrated into the program

• Our comprehensive range of services guarantee the efficient achievement of

• Language goals

• Checks of learning progress through pedagogical reports and test procedures

• Participation verified through attendance reports

  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.
Centre Millenium : +(216) 31 300 474 / 31 300 475 / 31 300 476 - Centre Med V : +(219) 31 300 474 / 31 340 470


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